Up coming Maikhao Beach Phuket, Thailand

Maikhao Beach,the longest beach on Phuket Island is approximately 18 Kilometer, stating from The Phuket International Airport to Sai Keaw Beach. Along the west coast there are resorts, Centara Garnd Westsand, JW Marriott. Sala, Renascence  etc  and a few beach front bungalows. Maikhao Beach is only beach on Phuket Island where the leather turtle come up  to lay their eggs.
The beach is very peaceful. You can see water buffalow walk home along the beach in the evening. The is the only beach where no sun lounger or chairs are allow.

The property in Maikhao area are high demanding in rental due to many hotel and tourism industry expanding . As well the land price step up 40% from the last 3 years. Now the land price starting from 3.5 M Thai Baht per rai, you are lucky if you can find lower price than this but like they say There are alway and opportunity around. Please visit your  local agent for the best deal you will never find anywhere eles.

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