Property For Rent


Phuket is popular as a holiday destination, the accommodation development projects on the island has various with plenty of choice for those who are looking Property For Rent.

The first thing you should consider when renting in Phuket, is the location. Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, and there is considerable distance between north and south, east and west. You may be looking for a place close to schools and shopping malls, or maybe close to your business. Perhaps you want to be in walking distance to the beach? Do you need a central location on the island? Do you want to live in quiet surroundings, or do you want to be in the middle of the bustling nightlife? Will you have a car or bike to be able to take you around? You may find that properties outside the main tourist areas provide better value without sacrificing the facilities in the surrounding area.

Search for those properties that fit within your budget,keep in mind that there are seasonal fluctuations in rental rates here in Phuket. The “low season”, from April to October, is when you’ll find the lowest prices and best deals as property owners try to fill vacancies during the low season. You’ll be paying a great deal more for the same properties during the “high season” which lasts from November to March. And there’s also a “peak season” during the New Year period when rates are at their highest. Remember this when you’re inquiring about properties as the rates you’ll be paying can be highly depend on the period of your stay.

For those who don’t require all the space that houses offer, the smaller condos may be a good choice. Phuket apartments and condominiums come in many different styles and there are plenty to suit each type of traveler demand in terms of price, location, design and size. The monthly hire rates for apartments can vary from a few thousand baht for an unfurnished studio all the way up to 50,000 baht for fully furnished penthouses and ocean view condos in luxury resort complexes.
First-class accommodation is offered by a selection of rental villas in Phuket. Villas are most appealing for visitors who can afford the high rates and appreciate privacy and luxury.