Land Area Measurements in Phuket Thailand

Land in Phuket and Thailand is always measured in talang wa or rai.

A wa is 2m in length and a talang is ‘squared’, therefore 4m2 = a talang wa, and there are 400 wa in a rai. A rai therefore is 1600m2 and can also be split up into 4 ngan (of 100 wa each). Typically a villa will occupy about 150 to 200 talang wa. The Thai prefer to spend most of their budget on the building and will therefore build a modest home on 100 talang wa or less, but it’s not uncommon to develop on a whole rai with a nice tropical garden, depending on the area. In Phuket a rai will sell anywhere from 1 million baht in a coconut grove in a remote but accessible corner of the Northeast coast, to 10 million baht and upwards near the beachfront. In Chalong expect to pay about 4 million baht.

1 talang wa = 4m2

100 talang wa = 1 ngan (not commonly used anymore)

400 talang wa = 1 rai

1 rai = 0.42 of an acre

1 rai = 0.16 of a hectare